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Dojang Rules & Regulations

  • Dues are to be paid the first week of each month.

  • Always bow before entering and leaving training area (dojang).

  • Do not wear shoes in the dojang.

  • Remove all jewelry and similar items during class.

  • No eating, drinking, chewing gum, smoking, or profanity in the dojang.

  • Always bow before speaking to instructor.

  • Always answer "Yes Sir" or "No Sir" loudly.

  • During class, respond quickly to instructions without hesitation.

  • Never argue with your instructor or other students.

  • Always bow to your partner before and after exercise or techniques.

  • Show enthusiasm, spirit, and good sportsmanship at all times.

  • Practice at home (everyday at the same time is best).

  • Always show respect to all students.

  • Only suitable Tae Kwon Do uniforms shall be worn.

  • Uniforms will be kept clean and presentable.

  • Always face the opposite direction from the instructor when fixing your uniform.

  • Always tie your belt in equal length.

  • NEVER wash your belt.

  • Keep all nails trim.

  • No striking or kicking of dojang wall.

  • No sparring without instructors supervision.

  • No uncontrolled techniques.

  • No striking below the belt (including groin).

  • Contact to the face or head is prohibited (also the neck).

  • Full safety equipment will be worn during sparring.**

  • Street Fighting is strictly Forbidden unless it is in self-defense.

  • Never use your knowledge and ability indiscriminately.

  • When arriving before class, take the time to warm-up and stretch.

  • Do not lounge around in the dojang or horseplay with others.

  • Notify instructor if you will be leaving class early.

  • Try to notify your Instructor when absent due to illness/vacation/conflicts.

  • If coming to class late, fall in to the back of the class.

  • Always do the best that YOU can do.


  • The studio reserves the right to dismiss any member whose actions are in conflict with the teachings and tenets of Tae Kwon Do.

** Full safety equipment includes, head gear, mouth piece, chest protector, hand and foot pads, and groin protector.

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